Letter to the editor: Inspiring, hardworking Zager good choice

“I first met Dr. Sam Zager at Deering High School, where he volunteers at the Student Health Center. Not only does he attend to students’ health needs, but he also helps students explore the medical fields.

As an administrator at DHS, I arranged several meetings for students with Dr. Zager. It was wonderful to see him inspiring students and supporting them. He even facilitates job shadowing for students when it is possible. Sam is also a member of the Portland Public Library board.

Dr. Zager is a great listener and will be an excellent choice for District 41 as their representative in the Maine House. He cares about equity in education, access to health care and economic development for all. He is a great advocate for the rights of minorities. Please vote for Sam in the July 14 Democratic primary.

Abdullahi Ahmed

Ahmed, A. (2020) ‘Letter to the editor: Inspiring, hardworking Zager good choice for District 41’, Portland Press Herald, May 13. Available at https://www.pressherald.com/2020/05/13/letter-to-the-editor-inspiring-hardworking-zager-a-good-choice-for-district-41/ (Accessed: July 13 2020)

Photo credit: Darren Fishell, Bangor Daily News

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